Round Up: Best Brownie Recipes

The ultimate brownie recipe / chocolate brownie / SHE-EATSYou may have noticed that I love chocolate brownies: both baking them and eating them! All my own brownies are here, but while it is Chocolate Week I thought it would be great to round up other foodies best brownie recipes as well. 

Fruity brownies

Fresh fruit in brownies is great: it oozes into the batter as it cooks, giving the whole brownie a hit of fruity flavour. Jacqui from Recipes Made Easy loves these blackberry brownies. You can use fresh blackberries or frozen would work as well.Best Brownie Recipes / Chocolate Week Round Up /Recipes Made Easy Blackberry Brownies / SHE-EATS

My rose and raspberry brownie imparts fruit and fragrance in every bite- something so exotic about them!Raspberry rose brownies / SHE-EATS

Helen at Casa Costello adds fruit to her brownies too…but of the chocolate variety!  Her chocolate orange brownies have orange running all through them.Best Brownie Recipes / Chocolate Week Round Up / Casa Costello Chocolate Orange / SHE-EATS

Oh, oh, oh. I just realised that pumpkin is a fruit too! So my pumpkin spice brownies can get a look in too! Pumpkin spice brownie recipe / SHE-EATS.COM

HodgePodgeDays’ Jane has put dried cherries in to these chocolate cherry brownies, and look at those fudgey middles- perfection! Best Brownie Recipes / Chocolate Week Round Up / hodgepodgedays brownie / SHE-EATS

Free from brownies

Anyonita Nibbles, who did a guest post on here recently, has some amazing gluten free sticky toffee brownies. I really want these with custard as well as the sauce. Best Brownie Recipes / Chocolate Week Round Up / Anyonita Eats Sticky Toffee Brownie/ SHE-EATS

Vegan? Greedy Panda make a vegan brownie…in a sakura rice cooker! Wowsers, I never knew you could…

And the glorious rest…

For a bit of crunch, you can’t beat nutty brownies. Over at Supper in the Suburbs, Emma makes crunchy peanut butter brownies.   Best Brownie Recipes / Chocolate Week Round Up / Supper in the Suburbs peanut butter brownie / SHE-EATS

When Kavey Eats brownies, she does so with carob molasses and tahini. Now I have a use for the left over tahini I always find in the fridge!Best Brownie Recipes / Chocolate Week Round Up /Kavey Eats Carob Molasses Tahini Brownie / SHE-EATS

And finally, if your brownie isn’t indulgent enough, Suzy from Sudden Lunch stuffs them with more treats. Calorie counting be damned!

This is why I love brownies, so much variety. You can make a brownie to suit every mood and taste. They are rich, so a tray goes a long way, and are perfect to share. Let me know your own fave brownie recipe below and I will share this week.

Best Brownie Recipes / Chocolate Week Round / SHE-EATS

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