Recipe: fully loaded biscoff brownies

Close up of a brownie with biscoff spread and cookie crumbs on top

I could have sworn that I shared my method for biscoff brownies a couple of years ago, I’ve been making them for ages, but it turns out not. It is probably saved in draft form in a folder somewhere, and I will find it two minutes after publishing this. Sorry, hole in head strikes again! But I promise it has been worth the wait because if you love biscoff you are going to be addicted to these fully loaded brownies.

In the same way that my Malteser brownies use the chocolate and the spread, these beauties use biscoff biscuits, spread and the spice mix which makes them so iconic.

Biscoff spread, biscuits and spice
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6 ways with za’atar

Za'atar hassleback potatoes / SHE-EATS

My za’atar obsession is as strong as ever. It has come to the point where I need to get it a little pinch pot so that is can sit on the worktop with the sea salt – easy to dip in to each time I cook.

If you’ve no idea what I am talking about, let me introduce you to za’atar herb mix. Different people mix different ways, but it usually contains salt, sesame seeds, oregano / marjoram, sumac and thyme. Middle eastern in origin, I see it around much more now than ever before, and I for one love the heady, savoury hit is has.

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Introducing the She Eats podcast!

Food stories from She Eats

I’ve only gone and started a podcast!

Food stories from She Eats is now live. Honestly, I started seriously planning this 12 months ago after the Taste Lancashire conference left me buzzing with ideas to speak to amazing food and drink producers. I bought a mic in May, then I did my first interviews in July and then….nothing.

My fear kicked in so I sat on it. Then by the end of the year I had kicked myself and booked interviews….then got the lurgy and lost my voice 🤧

So yeah, it’s been bubbling away for quite some time. But hopefully it has been worth the wait!

The first episode is now live and covers the International Cheese Awards and life as a judge at the event.

You can find me on Spotify, iTunes and all the other big platforms. If not, you can head to my pod page and listen from there. Please do tune in and let me know what you think.

Got a story to tell?

If you’re a producer, farmers, brewer etc with a story to tell, get in touch! I’d love to hear from you and set up some time to record an episode with you.

Exciting times, hopefully for a year of getting some exciting voices heard!

Recipe: goat cheese flatbreads

Goat cheese flatbread in a napkin


A fluffy warm goat cheese flatbread, covered in a mix of flavours and textures, is hard to beat. Easy to make, especially if you buy the bread, it can be changed with the seasons and to suit any occasion.

Opies Foods asked me what I’d do to make their pickled walnuts shine. Yes they can be added to salads, but at this time of year I am more about carbs. Plus they deserve to have a staring role.

Plate of flatbreds with cheese, peppers, pickled walnuts

Goat cheese flatbreads – for party nights or sofa night!

Pickled walnuts are a quintessential British pickle. They are harvested early in summer when they are still green. Opies pickle them the traditional way in malt vinegar, but they add their secret blend of spices as well.  The pickling process means that they still have a bit of bite to them.

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Christmas shopping for foodies with Sous Chef

A mexican hot chocolate and molinillo stirrer


If you’re Christmas shopping for a foodie then Sous Chef is a good place to start. If you’ve never got lost in their pages of ingredients and kitchen kit, then clear your schedule and jump in! You can shop by ingredients, cookware, tableware, techniques or cuisine. For an early festive treat, courtesy of Sous Chef I headed to the Mexican cuisine section.

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