tray of brownies made with Maltesters

Sometimes, less is more. Today is not one of those times. These Maltesers brownies are more, with more on top too!

I defy anyone to dislike Maltesers. You get crunch, you get chocolate, you get to eat a whole bag without feeling like a pig! Plus, Maltesers have moved on since the days of getting a box was considered to be such a special treat. Now buttons come in bags, share bags, boxes. There are truffles, there are bars. And there is a Maltesers spread which is frankly obscene. Go away, spread it on crumpets then report back to me and tell me what you thought!

Malteser brownie on a plate

Given that I love dark chocolate so much, I am shocked that I have only just realised that I love Maltesers this much! Honestly they are just so moreish, which is why I had to cut these brownies into tiny bite sized pieces because I could eat them the whole day long!