Raspberry rose brownies / SHE-EATSRose and raspberry has to be one of the nicest combinations in the world. Some people find rosewater overpowering, but when I smell it I am whisked back to Fry’s Turkish Delight from childhood (and still enjoyed once every few years); that evocative scent of rose is intoxicating.

Raspberry rose brownies / SHE-EATS

I play it safe with the rosewater in this recipe so not to put people off- it’s a delicate aroma and flavour you’re looking for, not a smack in the face with a dozen red roses- but all brands are different so add a little at a time because once it’s in you can’t take it out!

Plain dark chocolate is just fine for this recipe, but if you can find dark chocolate with raspberry in it the freeze dried fruit adds an extra texture. Divine Chocolate does an excellent one.

I used frozen raspberries but fresh will work just as well. Stick them in still frozen, that’s fine.  I found that because of the fruit these stayed quite gooey inside so the usual skewer test is not a good indicator if you push it through fruit. Raspberry rose brownies / SHE-EATSRose and Raspberry Brownies

Makes 1 tray

What you do

These are very moist and rich – a little goes a long way people! They are lovely served with a little dollop of Greek yoghurt and some fresh raspberries on the side. If you have any edible rose petals they look pretty scattered over the top and your plate. Raspberry rose brownies / SHE-EATS

Variations & leftovers

As you can see I have a little raspberry/ yoghurt obsession!

Raspberry rose brownies / SHE-EATS

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Retested and updated: October 2017.

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