Marmalade Brownies

Sticky treats for chilly days!  I am having a marmalade renaissance at the moment: in my porridge (better than maple syrup), on my toast and now it’s in my brownies too! 

Greek Tart

This tart is full of the flavours of Greece with feta, roast peppers and dill. I’m using Cretian thyme in my recipe which is pretty pungent compared to the stuff we grow over here so use sparingly. Continue reading

Popcorn Clusters

Although I’d love to be tucking into a lovely Greek style roast leg of lamb on Easter Sunday this year, the truth is we are having a big old birthday party the night before so I am realistically expecting to be in a bit of a haze all day! So when The Cooperative asked me to take part in their Easter baking challenge I knew that I’d be creating something which I could serve up at our party with an Easter twist. Enter Easter popcorn. Continue reading

Easter Simnel Cookies

The cookies are packed with dried fruit, mixed spice and, of course, tiny chunks of marzipan- all the key components of a simnel cake. It kind of half melts so you get that lovely almond flavour and nice chewy bits.

They are the perfect antidote to an Easter-induced chocolate overdose – enjoy with a cup of tea or glass of milk, or package them up and give to your marzipan loving friends and family. Continue reading

Mulled Wine Jelly

This post was written as Please excuse any wonky formatting. Visit the homepage for the latest, shiny new content. When life gives you mulled wine…make jelly! This is a very short, quick pre Christmas post. I was gifted … Continue reading

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