River Cottage Chestnut Chocolate Cake

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We were having my folks over at the weekend, so I wanted to make a cake for dessert that hinted at wintery-ness (a real word?) without being full-on Christmas cake. I had seen a chocolate chestnut cake in my River Cottage Year book which I had been planning to make for my Boxing Day buffet so this seemed like a good opportunity to try it out.

I’ve never cooked with chestnuts before, except for the water variety in my stir fry, so I used Merchant Gourmet vacuum packed as I didn’t think that I was ready to roast my own just yet.

The results were delicious. When I first served it, it was only a few hours out of the oven, and had a surprisingly light moussey texture. I say surprising because this is flour-less cake so they are often dense. We all enjoyed it, although I was chastised for not having any cream to serve with it. When eaten on subsequent days (we got four days out of this) after being stored in the fridge, it did take on a denser more torte-like quality. So it was almost like two different cakes.

This is a top-notch take on chocolate cake and will be the centrepiece of my family Boxing Day buffet (and yes mum, there will be cream).

Chocolate Chestnut Cake – recipe here

  •  I found that I needed 30 mins
  • Allow to cool and set in the tin before you release it
  • Serve at room temperature, naked or with a trickle of cream (the cake, you filthy sods!)

choc chestnut cake

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