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I am so glad that summer is over. Yep, I said it, I hate summer. But autumn, autumn is different. It’s all snugly and crisp and comforting. So when the air had a particular nip in it last week, I dug out the slow cooker.

This stew is a meat lovers dream. It uses two different meats: oxtail which is beef and pork cheek. Hence the name see! Oxtail isn’t as cheap as it once was, but it is still good value I think. Pork cheek is cheap as chips though. I think I had five in this stew for less than three quid and they yield a lot of meat.

Top to tail stewBoth break down beautifully during a long, slow cook and there really is no need for a knife with this stew. Just a spoon and some chunky bread for all that lovely gravy!

Top to tail stew

Serves 4/5

What you need

What you do

Serve with something to soak up the goodness: mash, crusty bread or both!

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