Comfort Food Recipe: Chicken & Chorizo

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Chicken and chorizo is such a good combination. I’ve seen recipes for pies and stews but they lacked veg and involved lots of straining and reducing.

Veg base for the chicken and chorizoSo this is my take on chicken and chorizo. Sometimes I serve this as a colourful stew, others as a pot pie filling. If I’m doing a pie, I out it all in a ceramic pie dish, add a puff pastry top, egg wash and cook for about 25 minutes.

I’m pretty free and easy with the veg and use whatever I have in. This is what I used last time I made it.

I go a bit mental with garlic at this time of year because I think it helps winter immune systems. So although I say two cloves in my recipe, I probably used about four!

Chicken & Chorizo Stew / Pie Filling

Serves 4


  • 6 x chicken thighs
  • 1 spicy chorizo ring (Lunya in Liverpool do an excellent one in the deli. Avoid Morrisons own at all costs – it’s rank)
  • Chicken stock
  • 2 x leeks
  • 1 x onion
  • 1 x green pepper
  • 1 x red or yellow pepper
  • 2 x cloves garlic, finely sliced or grated up
  • Half punnet mushrooms
  • Bottle cider (nothing nasty like Strongbow- something dry and still. Mine was Aspalls Premier Cru don’tcha know!)
  • Double cream

How It’s Done

  • Put the chicken in a large pan so they sit in one layer on the bottom. Cover with half the cider (or cider and water if you need more liquid) and bring to a boil.
  • Turn down and simmer for 15-25 mins until the chicken is just cooked through. The time will depend on if you have thighs with bones in or not. I love poaching it this way- it keeps it all moist.
  • When the chicken is cooked, let it cool slightly then pull off the meat
  • Chop all of your veg into roughly similar sized chunks or slices.
  • With olive oil and butter in a large frying pan, gently cook your veg until all is soft. I normally add the garlic about 5 minutes in so it doesn’t burn.
  • In another frying pan, fry up your chorizo, again so it is just going crunchy
  • Add the chicken and chorizo into the veg, give it all a good mix and check for seasoning. Sometimes I add thyme here, sometimes just pepper.
  • Add a big slug of cider, bring to a simmer and let the cider cook down for about 5 minutes.
  • Just before you serve (or put a puff pastry top on it) stir through a generous swirl of double cream until it’s warm. Don’t be put off by the cream- along with the cider it creates a lovely sauce.

Chicken chorizo stew


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