In Praise Of…Flatiron Steak

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How a ribeye girl was turned…

A good steak – all slightly charred on the outside, pink in the middle and delicious all over.

Ribeye has been my steak of choice for years now; it has the flavour which I think cuts such as fillet and rump lack. Pink in the middle and nicely seared on the outside, I am wanting one just writing about it! But wait! My eyes have been opened, and I have been turned…all thanks to the butcher at my local supermarket.

I was buying steak to make tagliata from Nigella’s new book. ‘What are you after?’ asked the butcher at Morrisons. I explained the recipe specified sirloin but I was going to use ribeye. ‘Pah’ came the reply. ‘Can I get you to try something new? You’ll never buy ribeye again.’ Who was I to resist the man in the apron?

He showed me a piece of flatiron. Not a pretty cut, it was long and thin but marbled with fat much like a ribeye. He explained that it was from the shoulder, so it was from a well used muscle which made it tender.  Because it wasn’t easy on the eye it was better value for those who appreciate taste over visual appeal.

I took two pieces for a fiver and promised to let him know what I thought next time I saw him.

Best steak sarnie ever!The first piece was, on closer inspection, massive. So I used it to make tagliata for two. It was cooked on a hot griddle for just about three minutes- turning a couple of times. When it came off the griddle it went into a marinade of oil, vinegar and herbs for another couple of minutes, again being turned.

It was delicious. Tender (although the post cooking marinade may have helped too) and tasty it tasted like steak should: meaty. That might be weird, but I’ve had steak which has really tasted of nothing.

I saved the second piece for a few nights later when I was home alone (don’t tell the health police I had steak twice in a week- it literally never happens normally!).  I made the ultimate steak sandwhich: ciabatta  (toasted on the griddle when the steak came off), slow cooked onions and Mr Vikkis chilli jam. Best steak sandwich ever!

To be honest this second piece would have made enough for two – but I was on my own and had seconds. So I got four servings for five pounds- you can’t say fairer than that.

So, I have a new favourite red meat – is that odd? Well I don’t care – flatiron is my new steak of choice and I would urge anyone who takes flavour over good looks to have a go. Let me know what you think!

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