Cod Cheeks & Sag Aloo

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A short entry on trying something new…

At the fish counter in the supermarket recently, I came across something unlabelled which was puzzling me. Bigger than scallops but not whole fish, the chap came over and informed me that they were cod cheeks. They had only just  got them in and no one was giving them the time of day. Nothing ventured nothing gained, I thought that I may as well give them a go. They were quite cheap too – I got two good portions for £2.

cod cheeks1They’ve sat in the freezer for a couple of weeks until today. I decided that they  would go well with some gentle spice so I made some sag aloo from River Cottage Veg and added a couple of handfuls of wild garlic. The cod cheeks were pan fried in oil and butter for just a couple of minutes each side.

The results were delicious. The cod cheeks had a good meaty bite. The creamy sag aloo was the perfect accompaniment.

The moral of this story? Don’t be afraid to step out of your fish counter comfort zone and try something new.


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