Cake Wreck

It’s not often I make a cake that looks and tastes bad- tastes so bad that it has to go in the compost-but this weekend I manage it.

Fail #1: look
Now of course this wasn’t the reason I had to bin it. Ugly cake can be tasty cake. But it’s the look where this sorry tale of woe started.

On Saturday I dragged Andrew into Windsor Cake Craft near Warrington. Oh the unbridled joy as I perused the aisles of cake boards, coloured icing, comedy cake toppers and baking tins.

Something caught my eye. A tin which I wanted straight away to use for my next clandestine cake club creation. The pictures on the box showed beautiful sponge with a heart running through the middle. So romantic- ideas of a Liz n Phil jubilee love cake were already forming.

Mmm. It didn’t quite turn out like the pictures on the box! Take a look at the pictures, can you tell the difference?!


heart cake on box

This is how it should have looked…


This is how it  actually looked...

This is how it actually looked…

Fail #2: taste
This is why the cake ultimately had to be chucked. I went for a red velvet- new for me- with a white chocolate mousse inside for the ‘heart’. Both recipes were from Nigella books. I decided on mousse because the filling had to be dense for the hearty centre to work. Yuk. To be honest I’ve never been blown away by red velvet but mine was dense and a bit of nothingness. The filling gave me baaaad stomach ache. I’ve never made proper mousse with egg white before and I may never again. Binned- I can’t risk giving other people tummy troubles too!

So there you go, my cakey tale of woe. I will try the stupid tin again (at 18 quid it’s too ruddy expensive to leave on the shelf) but I am going back to the drawing board for my cake club creation. Am already thinking about something inspired by coronation chicken (minus the chicken obvs!). Watch this space…!


By the way, something of an aside, if you haven’t checked out the Cake Wrecks website you really should. Brilliant, daftΒ and scary in equal measures!



  1. Oh no…that’s a shame! I’ve had numerous tales of woe too including dropping a cake on the floor about a minute after I finished it! Hopefully when you try again it will work out as the cake looks really amazing! πŸ™‚

  2. I love cake wrecks – it’s a brilliant site. Always good when I need cheering up. Yours is a contender, but definitely not a winner πŸ˜€
    I can’t believe the inside was so bad! What on EArth did you do? πŸ˜€

    • Ha ha I can’t remember now why it was so bad but you know what, I still have that tin. Its time to give it another go!

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