Blood Orange Vodka Update

Remember that blood orange vodka I made a few weeks back? Well I finally got round to decanting it last night and I am really pleased with the results.

The vodka itself is now a blush orange colour. I’d hoped it would take on a red tint from the blood oranges but that doesn’t really matter.

Blood Orange infused vodka

The taste is as subtle as the colour. There is a definite orangey-ness (new word!) and it has taken the sharp edge off that you get with neat vodka.

I enjoyed it last night with tonic & a slice of the vodka-steeped orange. Simple but delicious!

I also make a mean rhubarb-tini & have rhubarb in the garden waiting to be cooked & turned into syrup for the cocktail. So I think I will use this orange vodka in there as well when I raise a glass to the queen next weekend for the royal jubilee.


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