Blood Orange Cake

With quite a few blood oranges still knocking about in the fruit bowl after I made vodka with a couple, I decided to use some to make a cake. I would have been quite happy to just eat them, but it was noted that I hadn’t taken a cake on my Dad’s birthday a few days ago, so I thought that I had better make amends.

I have a few recipes in books for lemon drizzle cake so I thought that I would adapt one that I haven’t used before- the lemon and poppyseed cake from the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook.

You can find the original recipe here. I used the zest of two oranges in the cake and the juice of two in the syrup (I didn’t bother with the drizzly icing).

However, you need to note that the link I have given there is to the publishers amendments! I found it when Googling for the recipe to link here and so made the cake from the quantities suggested in the book (I crazily assume that if you are publishing it then it must be right) and it tastes just fine. So I guess if you are trying this then pick an amount!

Blood orange cakeAs I was making this for someone else, the cake decided to stick in the tin! Literally the first time ever this has happened to me, so I had to cut it out of my bundt in four pieces. Luckily, my parents only took half so we were able to have some here too. It is a really moist cake, and the syrup is nice and tangy. It’s perfect mid-afternoon cake (light, won’t ruin your tea) which is why I am off to have a slice right now!

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