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Three packs of energy balls / Vigor protein ball energy balls / SHE-EATSBalls. Protein balls. Probably not something you expected to pop up on SHE-EATS eh. But let me tell you, my husband is like the human dustbin ; there is no filling him up when he has been to the gym! So I was happy when some Vigor protein energy balls dropped through the letter box for us to try.

I’ve never eaten a protein ball in my life before now, assuming they were the mainstay of gym bunnies and ‘clean eaters’ (*eye roll*) with pink hued Insta grids, but the more I thought about them, the more they make sense as a sensible snack as I try my hardest to fight my sweet tooth. Andrew will often need a snack after the gym/ before tea/ after tea. So a protein hit will stave off that hunger. Also, when we go for a walk, better to have a small snack we can drop in to a pocket rather than get hungry and hit the cake as soon as we are done.

These Vigor protein balls are cold pressed which I wasn’t expecting, but once I got used to it,  actually I like because it means nothing loses it’s texture in the cooking process.

Close up of protein ball with bite taken out / Vigor protein ball energy balls / SHE-EATSMy first foray into protein balls was the lemon and blueberry as I thought I would like this the most, but actually neither the lemon or blueberry were pronounced enough for me. 12g of protein is, so I am told, a good amount. Andrew enjoyed one after the gym and it meant that he didn’t eat cereal after tea.

At the other end of the flavour scale, I didn’t think I’d like the peanut ball because I am indifferent to peanut butter. But it was actually a good flavour and the peanut butter meant it wasn’t as dry in texture as the lemon. We both agreed that this was a winner and each pack has 14g of protein.

Date and cacoa were the lowest in calorie as well as protein, with just 11g in a pack. But weirdly I really like dates (maybe because they are at the heart of sticky toffee pud!) so just one of these is probably what I would have as a desk snack: a better choice than tuck shop chocolate but still a sweet and enjoyable way to fill my 11am slump.

Packet of date energy balls / Vigor protein ball energy balls / SHE-EATSVigor began back in 2015, with one mans pre-wedding diet leading him to create easy morning snacks to get him through the gym. I like the cute little pouches they come in, although I think they’d be better without the clipart style figures on them. They are still small and looking to grow, so if you are looking for an energy snack, then order some online and give them a go.

SHE LOVES: an energy boost which is still tasty! 

Vigor protein ball energy balls / SHE-EATS

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