Oomi Protein Noodles – Comfort Food Without The Carbs

Oomi Protein Noodles // SHE EATSThere is no fishy business with these new noodles

There is a world of comfort to be found in carbs, that why I love them in many forms. But what about when you need to back off from the carbs, what are the alternatives? I’ve tried zoodles (courgetti, whatever you want to call it), which are fine for light summer dishes, but are not filling. So when some Oomi protein noodles came through my door, I wondered: could these be the lower carb comfort food I need?

Firstly we need to address the elephant in the room: Oomi protein noodles are made from fish protein. Yes, fish. I was apprehensive about opening the packet. What if they smelled, well, fishy? What if they were gooey?  Was it just going to be too weird? Oomi Protein Noodles // SHE EATS

But I needn’t have feared. They didn’t have any discernible smell as far as I could make out, just noodly. These Oomi noodles also have a really good firm texture, like chunky egg noodles, they aren’t gooey and they don’t fall apart when you cook them.Oomi Protein Noodles // SHE EATS

I stir fried some peppers and spring onions with a Korean sauce then threw in the noodles and prawns to heat through. Lunch in five minutes and I did feel sated, full enough not to get hungry until tea time.Oomi Protein Noodles // SHE EATS

You can eat them cold, straight from the packet, but to be honest I think they wouldn’t taste as good.

With 12% protein, 75% fewer carbs than regular egg noodles, and more substance than a bowl of zoodles, these Oomi noodles are worth a go if you want to cut back on carbs, or are simply looking at new ways to get more protein on to your plate. I was sceptical, but I would most definitely buy these as an alternative to pasta or traditional egg noodles; chucking them in stir fry or add them warm to a salad to make it more substantial.Oomi Protein Noodles // SHE EATS

You can currently find Oomi in Tesco and via Ocado, in the chilled foods.

SHE LOVES: food that fills you. No fishy business!
Oomi Noodles 

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