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Household HacksJanuary. A time for New Year’s resolutions and diets. Well not for me it isn’t! I’ve no time for resolutions and like food too much for diets! Instead my New Year focus is getting my house in order and keeping it that way in the most painless, quick ways possible! With that in mind, I have teamed up with to bring you some quick and easy hacks to keep the chaos at bay in your home. Mine, unsurprisingly, centre on the kitchen.  

Fridge fragrance
There’s nothing worse than opening the fridge to be met by a mash-up of smells coming from food in there. Currently in my fridge there is cured pork, runny cheese, mackerel, Parmesan and a myriad other things. But crucially, no smell. I do store things properly in there, but when there is a lot going on, I cut a lemon and stick half in the fridge. It seems to neutralise any whiffs and, if you give it a bit of a squeeze before you put it in, it can actually give off a scent for a few days as well.

For something a bit more heavy duty, put a small bowl of bicarbonate of soda in there and change it every few weeks.    Household Hacks

If you’ve put some lemon in your fridge so chuck the other half in the dishwasher, stick it on a hot wash and get rid of grease build up. Can you tell that since giving up the booze I’ve had to find new things to do with my lemons!

Save money…and trees
A couple of years ago I realised that our kitchen roll buying was getting out of hand. So I bought some dishcloths and, for the price of a packet of kitchen roll, I have a stack of dishcloths which just get chucked in the washing machine with whatever load is going in. Kitchen roll consumption reduced by about 80%.

Spice and easy
I have two small shelves full of spices, but those supermarket spice jars are the bain of my life. You can’t get your spoon in them! I’ve decanted my most used into small tubs. Put the name on the side and the top so you can easily find what you are looking for and, crucially, you can get your spoon in.

Household Hacks

Arrrrrrrrrrggggggg- this drives me mad!

Household Hacks

Ahhh, that’s better!

Hassle’s Hacks

Hassle Life Hacks

Of course, this all might still seem like too much faff. If so, check out Simply pop in your postcode and find a reliable, vetted, cleaner in your area. Plus, you do it all online, including payments. Giving you more time to enjoy whipping up some delicious creations in the kitchen. Hassle have services in Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Cardiff, Dublin, Bristol, Birmingham and London.

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