Where To Eat In Las Vegas?

In a few short weeks I am off to Las Vegas with my Mum and mate *makes frantic list and checks flights*. It was a bit of an off-the-cuff decision (was never on my radar) and I have been so busy settling into my new job that I haven’t given it much though. But now it is weeks away, I need to get my arse into gear and my head in to Vegas mode…and I need your help!

Normally when I go away with Andrew he does all of the holiday planning (and packing. God, I had better check that he will still pack for me!) because that is his designated job! Now I’m in charge I literally have one plan: get us on the plane and the rest will work out. Eek.

Where to eat in Las Vegas

Eek! *

We’re there for five full days and I see it being a mix of entry level gambling (I really want to sit next to an old lady at the slots and win my fortune in quarters!), mooching around the various hotels on the strip and a taking a day out to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam.

What I really want suggestions on is where and what I should eat in Las Vegas. This is my first trip to America so I want to taste the American classics and experience some Vegas icons. Where to eat in Las VegasStaying at The Luxor so we can walk off calories by doing the length of the strip! **

I’m looking for where to have the best value breakfast – I want to try piles of pancakes and bacon at least once! For evening meals, I am looking where is good to sit down and enjoy something delicious. We won’t be fine dining on our budget, so Michelin Stars are out, but I don’t want fast food joints either.

A bit of local colour – I believe there is a street food culture downtown- wouldn’t go amiss either. And great bars where they can have cold beers and gin, and I can drink something other than Coke!

Something of a wide brief, but I’d love to know where you’ve eaten in Vegas and if there is anything I should really see (or really avoid) when I am there. Comment below or on my Twitter or Facebook.

And remember, what happens in Vegas…will probably be all over my Instagram so watch for more!

Vegas Baby!!

Photo credits

*Vegas sign: David Salafia 
**Luxor Hotel: Nan Palmero



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