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 Stack of chocolate boxes on a cake stand / Beech's chocolate truffles / SHE-EATSThe Chocolate Truffle Shuffle

My love of chocolate is no secret, but there is a special place in my heart for a good truffle. We spent a few weeks happily munching our way through the new collection of truffles from Beech’s Fine Chocolates, just to prove that point.

Beech’s have been making chocolate up north in Preston since 1920 and their bars have always been on the shelves at local stores. But a major redesign of their packaging in 2015, and some tweaks to the chocolate, made me stop and think that maybe we were dealing with a damn good bar of chocolate. Yes that may sound shallow but I worked in marketing for long enough to know that a re-brand is a powerful thing. Since then I’ve been nibbling them whenever I spot them (I do buy them, I’m not that weirdo who eats as they shop!). Their milk chocolate is creamy and the flavours always taste ‘real’.Man holding four boxes of chocolate truffles / Beech's chocolate truffles / SHE-EATS

So their new collection of truffles* really cheered me up when I was stuck at home after my op. There are four varieties, all available in cute foiled boxes: salted caramel, prosecco, champagne and pink champagne. They are also available in hat boxes which make them very giftable.

We both agreed that the prosecco and salted caramel were our favourites.

Inside of a chocolate truffle which has been bitten Beech's chocolate truffles / SHE-EATS

Thick shell and lots of filling make these a glorious one bite treat.

The prosecco truffles are coated in milk chocolate. There is a really good snap when you bite into one and boy oh boy they haven’t been skinny with the booze!

The salted caramel are also milk chocolate, but these are dusted in cocoa rather than icing. That extra chocolate hit works well with the salt. They actually use Halen Mon which is Angelsey sea salt, and my favourite salt- so we tool the box to Anglesey with us for a weekend break. Needless to say, once you pop you can’t stop and they didn’t see out the day!

Pink champagne truffles are white chocolate, which Andrew loves, and champagne are milk.Open box of chocolate truffles with Love written on the box / Beech's chocolate truffles / SHE-EATS

SHE LOVES: getting my booze in chocolate form! Treat yourself, you’re worth it! 

*PR samples

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