Cooking at Le Cordon Bleu with Parmigiano Reggiano

Cheese and chef skills

Claire from SHE-EATS cooking at Le Cordon Bleu / Le Cordon Bleu with parmigiano reggiano / SHE-EATS

Yey! I can still cook!

I was so lucky to be invited to a hands-on cooking workshop at Le Cordon Bleu a while ago. Yes I admit, it made me do an excited squeal at the thought of cooking in the hallowed kitchens of the world’s most famous cookery school!  The invite came from Parmigiano Reggiano so it was even more perfect because cooking + cheese = my idea of heaven!A table of parmesan cheese / Le Cordon Bleu with parmigiano reggiano / SHE-EATS

We started talking about Parmesan; the farmers who make it, the aging, the markings on the rinds of those rounds (if you look at my Facebook you will see I am obsessed with hollow cheese rounds with food in them!), the protected status etc. Of course we tried it- aged to 18 months (young and cheeky- good for cooking), 24 months (flavourful, a bit of crystallisation) and  36 months (love at first bite – bold, mature, a real mouthfeel). I am sad I don’t see it on cheeseboards more – people are keen to use in food but it really is delicious in its own right as well.

Parmigiano Reggiano is such a versatile cheese. Whether it is on a cheeseboard, as a seasoning or as the star of a dish it really is a kitchen trouper.

Le Cordon Bleu kitchens – my happy place!

Cooks lined up in PArmigiano Reggiano aprons / Le Cordon Bleu with parmigiano reggiano / SHE-EATS

Foodies concentrating!

Then Head of Cusine, Eric Bediat, led us down to the kitchens where I had one of the happiest classes ever. Seriously, I could live there! Each station has a massive oven with induction hobs, fabulous knives and all our kit and ingredients laid out.

A large range oven and induction hob / Le Cordon Bleu with parmigiano reggiano / SHE-EATS


Listenting to a chef at Le Cordon Bleu with parmigiano reggiano / SHE-EATS

Yeah I pull *that* face when I concentrate! This was my first time doing ‘proper’ cooking after the brain op so I was determined not to cock it up.

Eric talked us through making two courses of delicious seasonal courses which both had Parmesan at their heart: the main included Parmesan glazed polenta, parma crisps and parma foam.

A microplane grater with Parmesan cheese / Le Cordon Bleu with parmigiano reggiano / SHE-EATS

Covering the polenta spheres (cheffy!) with fine Parmesan

Parmesan cheese grated onto baking paper in a pan / Le Cordon Bleu with parmigiano reggiano / SHE-EATS

Making a Parmesan wafer

A dish of fresh girolle mushrooms / Le Cordon Bleu with parmigiano reggiano / SHE-EATS

Gorgeous girolles

Red pickled grapes

Holy moly! Pickled grapes will be on my cheeseboard from now on- a taste sensation.

Dessert had sous vide apples and vanilla, with Parmesan ice cream. Eric’s plate was a work of art, where as I was more interested in ensuring I got everything on there so I could scoff it! Apple balls in a sous vide machine / Le Cordon Bleu with parmigiano reggiano / SHE-EATS

Plate of food at Le Cordon Bleu with parmigiano reggiano / SHE-EATS

Plated up, chef style

Dessert served at Le Cordon Bleu workshop

Dessert – Parmesan ice cream with slow cooked apples and an almond crumble. Microleaves are mint and apple blossom I think


I walked away with a Le Cordon Bleu certificate (thus making me a chef, right?), apron, some great recipes and an obsession with 30 month aged Parmigiano Reggiano. I may have also had a chunk or two of cheese in my handbag!

SHE LOVES: world class cheese and world class chefs, under one roof! Getting my cooking mojo back in style. 

Find out everything you need to know about Parmesan here.

Check out Le Cordon Bleu’s website for details of short courses and diplomas.

*Thank you to Parmigiano Reggiano and Brand Dialogue for an unforgettable evening.

Toilet door sign with chef hats / Le Cordon Bleu with parmigiano reggiano / SHE-EATS

Even the toilet door signs are cute at Le Cordon Bleu!

Le Cordon Bleu with parmigiano reggiano / SHE-EATS

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  1. I have serious envy. This looked like such a great day out and fabulous brain op rehabilitation! Now, I do think you should have taken me, since we’re cheese judges together, next time? xx

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