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It’s that time of year. We went away for a few days, courgettes were tiny. Came back after a bit of rain and they’re like bloody marrows already. I’ve only four plants this year but they’ve all come good at once so it’s time to OD on courgettes!

Courgette Pikelet Mix Friday night I deviated from my usual go-to courgette recipes and tried this idea from last week’s Guardian ‘Cook’ section. Courgette pikelets. Pikelets are pretty much crumpets as far as I know- I have no idea what the difference is.

These were good. I used yellow courgette so they were very light in colour. They were light and fluffy which is surprising because I often mess up things which should be light and fluffy!

The recipe makes a lot so I had some cold on Saturday for breakfast and warmed some up in the toaster for tea- I am nothing if not frugal!

If I do these again (which is inevitable looking at the pile of courgettes in my kitchen!) I’d add more courgette and more pepper. I think as well I’d try parsley instead of basil.

Courgette PikeletsSo, give them a try. I’m not going to copy the recipe, you can read it on the Guardian website here.
I’ve other glut recipes which I turn to and will be sharing but I’d love to know how you deal with the stockpile from your garden too.

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