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Another day, another meal around courgettes! Only a small amount of the rainbow chard I planted came good so last night I decided it might as well get used. I’d been planning a courgette and feta pie but decided on a few other additions to liven it up. The chard worked really well- I cooked the stalks with the other veg and added the leaves near the end, as you would with spinach.

Garlic and fresh and dried thyme added tonnes of extra flavour.

It was a well stuffed pie and surprisingly filling, thanks to all the cheese no doubt! It is also delicious cold.

Courgette chard and feta pie

Courgette, chard and feta pie

As always with me, quantities are based on what’s to hand when I make it so please use as guidance only and go wild with your veggie choices.

NB- I kept the chopping chunky with the veg.

Here’s How…

Preheat your oven to 220c.


Seriously, will the courgette glut ever end?!

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