Goodbye GoodEgg, Hello SHE EATS

New name. New look. New start

Notice anything different? No, I haven’t dyed my hair…

I’ve been writing as GoodEggFoodie for about six years now, and it’s a name I am very attached to. But something has been niggling in my mind for a while: the name, the general look and feel of my corner of the internet. I needed an update.GoodBye GoodEgg

Then things happened which made me realise that I shouldn’t put off until tomorrow things I really want to do. So I ruddy well just did it 😊

I’ve tinkered before with themes and logos so this time I decided to do it properly: go offline and sort it all out. And here’s the result.Hello She Eats

Why She Eats?
I literally woke one morning with it dancing around my head and it wouldn’t go away. My subconscious had spoken. Plus, I like to think it sums me up pretty well.ABOUT SHE EATS

Much of my old content remains, but moving forward I’m hoping that my bright new look will be more appealing and the layout more user friendly.

There will still be restaurants, recipes, great produce to buy and foodie travels. I’m also hoping to overcome my fear and introduce more video content for bite-sized snippets.

I will be tinkering round the edges for a while yet, as I am sure I will find broken bits and bobs.

I’ve some great posts lined up to showcase my new look, and am excited for the future of She Eats.  So please come back over the next few days and take a look at the new posts in all their glory and let me know what you think of She Eats.


Posted by Claire

She eats. She drinks. She cooks. She travels. She learns. She tastes. She bakes. A foodie with exceptional taste! Always looking for the best food and drink producers from far and wide. Chocolate brownie queen. Judge: International Cheese Awards. Cheese fiend! Travel lover. What better way to discover new food, than to travel to it. Massive fan of The Archers. Crazy cat lady and proud. NW England / Manchester / UK Twitter & Insta: She_Eats_Blog Facebook: SheEatsBlog


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