The best non alcoholic beers for 2020

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I’ve just published episode two of the She Eats podcast, which is all about the best no/low alcohol beers. Pop over and give it a listen!

There are loads of beers mentioned in there, so as promised, here is my 2020 non alcoholic beer list to go alongside that episode.

Big Drop

Big Drop Beer range

Beer: various

The pale ale is a proper pale ale. It’s light, but got body and zesty. They then did a limited citra IPA which seems to have made it in to the permanent range which is great news.

Their winter ale  is perfect with spicy food and comfort food and there is also a brown ale which has a vague air of Newcastle Brown to it.

Buy it: supermarkets, online.

Brew Dog

Brewdog Punk AF can

Beer: various

Nanny State is 0.5% hoppy ale, and full of flavour.

There is also a Raspberry Sour – good if you like sours – and Punk AF, an alcohol free IPA. It is very citrusy and not a patch on Nanny State.

Buy it: supermarkets, online, Brew Dog bars


There is a 0% Hoegaarden available. It isn’t an exact replica of the well know white beer, but it is ruddy good! It has orange and coriander seed flavours instead of alcohol. Very drinkable.

Buy it: online.

Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects Beer

Beer: Brooklyn Special Effects

Brooklyn Special Effects is 0.4% lager. It reminds me of Big Wave from Kona Brewery – with tropical fruitiness and hoppiness.

Buy it: supermarkets, online.


Mikkeller beers

Beer: Various

Founded in 2006 by a physics teacher, they make full strength and low alcohol beers and do so by collab-ing with other breweries as they don’t have their own!

Drink’in the sun is a 0.3% wheat beer. It is a good wheat beer with a lemony, fruity flavour and nice light colour.

Drink’in the snow, again 0.3% but this time it is darker, spicier with orange and coriander seed.

Buy it: online.

Hitachino Nest

Hitachino Nest Non Beer

Beer: Non Ale

Based in Tokyo, there seems to be just one no/lo beer in the range. It is Non Ale, is 0.3% and I would say more lager than ale. Quite lively and light it was refreshing.

Buy it: online.


Braxzz IPA beers

Beer: various

A no alcohol brewery in Amsterdam.

Orange IPA, 0.2% and as name suggests, it is citrusy and light. A little more bitter is the Rebel IPA, again 0.2%. I preferred the orange, my husband the rebel. There is also a trippel and porter.  

Buy it: online.

Insel Brauerei

Insel Swimmer Beer

Beer: swimmer saisons

Insel beers are bottle conditioned for more depth of flavour and it seems to work. I’ve tried the Swimmers Saisons, 0.4% it was darkish, malty and citrusy. I will get this again and look for the rest of the range. 

Buy it: online.

Nirvana Brewery

Nirvana Brewery Buchabeer

Beer: various

Karma and Tantra are the pale ales, although it looks like they have rebranded to get rid of the quirky names. On the podcast I mention Buchabeer – the beer with kombucha. Yikes, it is not for me, but if you like sour notes, green tea and green smoothies then you will probably love it!

Buy it: online.

Online outlets

Supermarkets, and even pubs, are upping their game but many in this list won’t be in the ailsles of your local Asda.

Dry Drinker is a one stop shop – beer, cider, ‘spirits’, wines. There is a pick and mix option for many beers, but some you can only buy in 6/12.

Beer Hawk is a general beer lovers site, but with a healthy no/lo alcohol section.  

Both delivery quickly, and securely.

Hopefully you find this useful, with or without the podcast. If you want to see how much things have improved, check out this guide to non alcoholic beers I made a couple of years ago!

And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast and let me know below if you have a fave no/lo beer you think I should try.

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