Do you ever sit back after eating, rub your belly and declare it the best meal you’ve ever eaten? Until the following month, when you try a new restaurant or create a new dish and suddenly that’s the best thing ever to pass your lips…your very own desert island dish.

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It’s a tough choice but if you were stranded on a desert island and could only eat three dishes every single day for the rest of your time there, what three things would you happily chow down on? Every. Single. Day. Here’s what I’d chose. desert island dish

Bread and butter. That’s not a meal I hear you cry in despair! But for me good bread, and I mean seriously good bread, is hard to beat. Spread on top needs to be a creamy, soft, butter with flecks of sea salt. As I’m stuck on a desert island I won’t be worrying about being stingy with the butter either.

Steak and chips. Ribeye, cooked rare on a charcoal grill. Or a tomahawk like the ones we share at Restaurant Bar and Grill (the best steak in Manchester BTW – go and try if you don’t believe me). Either way my island would need somewhere to hang the steak so they could dry age properly. My only other request is that it is seasoned really well, then I wouldn’t even be bothered about a sauce. Steak had to come to with skin-on fries .

Chocolate brownies. Initially I thought about plain dark chocolate but I think that sitting down to eat a brownie is a more satisfying action than unwrapping a bar and one rich brownie could be enjoyed throughout the day. I think a bit of flavour wouldn’t go a miss so I’d go for my favourite rose and raspberry.

Desert island dish link up
So why am I telling you this? Well, I thought it would be fun to share and hear what you’d pick. But I thought that I would start a desert island dish link up, where each month we can share the one recipe on the theme which you would take to a desert island with you.

It will be a different theme each month and I hope to be diverse and interesting, so if there is a topic you thing I should cover other than the usual seasonal ones, do let me know in the comments below.

I hope you can join in the fun, and I will of course share all your recipes when you link up. Now if you need me I will be under a palm tree with a steak….

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