White Chocolate Recipe Roundup

Celebrating the creamy side of chocolate for Chocolate Week

It’s Chocolate Week *does jazz hands and dons fat pants*! As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve got a lot of chocolate in the house at the mo, so I’ve decided to focus my attention on the 7.5kg of white chocolate because, to be honest, it is the chocolate I cook with the least.

I needed inspiration!

I looked to other food bloggers for their white chocolate recipes and they’ve not disappointed. If you’re planning on doing any baking this week, make it one of these creamy crackers.

Chloe at The City Girl Kitchen has totally inspired me. She roasts white chocolate for this espresso baked donut recipe. She had me when she said it tasted like Caramac. Freakin’ Caramac! Look at them, they don’t look like white chocolate – it’s like some new chocolate hybrid!

Chocolate Week White Chocolate Round Up

Roasted white chocolate donuts
Photo courtesy City Girl Kitchen

Miss Pond takes an international Oreo obsession to new levels. ‘Blonde’ Oreos in blondies. Is this the time to mention that I don’t think I’ve ever had Oreos, let alone golden ones! I need to rectify that soon I think.

Chocolate Week White Chocolate Round Up

Oreo Blondies
Photo courtesy Miss Pond

Andrew in the Kitchen (not my Andrew I may add!) makes these white chocolate mendiants– quite simple but very pretty and gift-worthy. If I can get my head round tempering white chocolate I would make these for festive gifts.

If you like to cook with white chocolate then you should really check out Tin and Thyme blog. It is filled with all sorts of delicious white choc recipes – not surprising when you find out it’s author is a lady who goes by the name of Choclette! I might get Andrew onto making us some of this white chocolate, plum and amaretti ice cream as he is proving to be a whizz with the ice cream maker at the mo!

Chocolate Week White Chocolate Round Up

White chocolate, plum and amaretto ice cream – Tin & Thyme
White chocolate mendiants- Andrew in the Kitchen

Bundt guru and lovely lady Dolly Bakes has a knack of making picture perfect cakes. She has a Bundt tin collection bigger than any kitchenware department I’ve ever been in! Her heart shaped tin is ideal for this raspberry and white chocolate bundt, but I reckon with that glaze it would look great even in a regular round cake tin.

Chocolate Week White Chocolate Round Up

Raspberry white chocolate bundt
Photo courtesy Dolly Bakes

I love that in America you can buy ready made pie crusts – made out of Oreos! Should’ve known that a blog called Chocolate, Chocolate and More would answer my white chocolate dreams with this no bake white chocolate velvet pie. It looks really sweet though so just a slither for me!

Super mum and super baker Helen at Casa Costello has made an oven baked white chocolate cheesecake which my husband would go mad for! And I love the idea of mandarin sorbet- those frozen cheesecakes with mandarin segments hold fond memories for me- always my go to choice at buffets!

Chocolate Week White Chocolate Round Up

Baked white chocolate cheesecake
Photo courtesy Casa Costello

So I am convinced that I will put my white chocolate to good use – if anything I am now spoilt for choice! However, I did some more reading on the roasting / caramelising of white chocolate and gave it a go myself. It is one of the fillings in these easy as anything meringue kisses.

Chocolate Week White Chocolate Round Up

Meringue kisses in the making

If you’ve a favourite white chocolate recipe, please do share with me below- I’d love to read them.

Happy Chocolate Week and happy baking xx



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