Indian Summer? Time To Make Christmas Cake!

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As temperatures reached 28c round these parts this week, I took that as a perfect opportunity to have a boiling hot kitchen for several hours on Wednesday night and make my first Christmas cake of the year!

In my defence, a) I started to steep my fruit before the heat wave hit and b) I normally make them in October but I am busy every remaining weekend in October so am getting organised and doing it now.

I use a recipe from Nigella Lawsonโ€™s Feast book. It is good because it gives different quantities and cooking times depending what size you want to make. I do wish that more cake recipes did this because sometimes my meagre tin collection doesnโ€™t equate to a recipe I want to try.

Anyway, I have made two cakes this week- a 25cm circle and a 20cm square. The latter is cooking as I type.





I will feed my cakes weekly. As mentioned one with dark rum and one with Grand Marnier.

I normally leave my cakes naked because my hubby doesnโ€™t like marzipan or icing, but this year I am going to ice my round one. I havenโ€™t done it before, so I have watched this really good video on Baking Mad and will make a madeira cake at some point and practice on that!

My smaller one is in the oven right now. The house smells of spice and general festive cheer. And itโ€™s raining again. So all is right in the world!

Now I just need to get a handle on decorating. I think that there is going to be a lot of iced madeira cake in the house in the coming months!

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