Foodies Festival 2014, Tatton Park, Cheshire

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What a lovely day! I took the day off work today and headed over to Tatton Park with mum to check out this year’s Foodies Festival.

It was hot and humid, but all of the traders were in high spirits and there was a good variety of things to see and do.

For me, it’s about getting delicious treats for home. There was a good mix of food and drink – some regional,  some national brands. Walkers Crisps are there doing a massive promo for their new ‘deli’ range of posh crisps, so we headed for the shade of their stand and joined in a tasting session! Bit random, but fun.

Foodies Festival // Tatton Park

Mum was a hero and tried every single chutney Mr Vikkis had to offer before making her purchases. I reckon I might be Mr Vikkis number one fan and between us we bought six different varieties! I was disappointed there was no bakery- unless I somehow missed it. I had been planning on stocking up for tomorrow’s BBQ.

Foodies Festival // Tatton Park

The most amazing horse box ever!

I am particularly excited about my new gin – Harrington Dry Gin. Going to be doing a taste test against Sipsmiths tonight! Mum sampled the gin, plus some wine and beer, on my behalf as I was driving!

If you like demos, there is a chef stage, a chocolate and cake stage, a drinks demo tent and even a childen’s theatre.

Foodies Festival // Tatton Park

The hot food traders were quite varied. I initially headed for the Gaucho BBQ but there were no prices and when I enquired about a steak barmcake (bap for those of you down south!) they were £10. Ok, it was ribeye, but when you get it on a shop-bought small roll it didn’t make any sense price wise.

Foodies Festival // Tatton Park

We made a good choice by going for Thai. A portion of spiced ribs and another of shitake spring rolls were cooked to order and just £4 each. Chang beer have a stall too so they would marry up nicely!

Foodies Festival // Tatton Park

My haul!

It was a great day, and if you fancy going this weekend, book online before you go- they are offering 241 tickets if you use the code facebook241! I suspect it will be heaving tomorrow and Sunday with this weather we are having – enjoy!



Disclaimer- my tickets were provided by Foodies Festival, but the good times and over spending were all my own work.


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