Happy New Year! Foodie Resolutions

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It’s here: 2014. Exciting year for me- later this month I am going back to uni to do a post grad, so it’s going to be full on until summer.

I don’t really do resolutions; I always think they’re just something to make me feel bad about myself when I don’t fulfil them. But there are a few food-related things which I want to try and get my head round this year, but in a no-pressure, doesn’t matter if I don’t kinda way.

Better Blogging

The look of my blog has been a bit all over the place, but now it’s new year, new start. I’ve updated my theme and will start to standardise the way I use images. So GoodEggFoodie will look all shiny and new from now on in!

I am going to be super-busy with school but will try and blog regularly as well.


Linked to the better blogger wish, I am going to make more of an effort with my photos. I still hate taking pics in restaurants and will probably continue to do so on an ad-hoc iPhone basis, but am investing in a new camera this weekend so I am determined to make more effort with my recipe pics. I know a good camera doesn’t mean good pics, but I want to take it seriously.



Thirty-five and can’t use chopsticks. I am really cack-handed but I want to crack chopsticks. I am going to buy some of those kiddy ones which are connected at the bottom in the mean time!



My continued nemesis, I will not be beaten! My lovely folks bought me a day-course in bread making for Christmas which I am going on in March. Hopefully some expert advice and practice and we can say good bye to homemade bricks!

So they’re my foodie resolutions, any tips on getting through them? And what are yours?

Happy new year!

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