Chocolate Workshop at Cheshire Cookery School

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I was lucky enough this week to attend a new chocolate workshop at Cheshire Cookery School.

It was a tough choice- I should have been at Zumba- but the lure of chocolate is always going to win over poorly coordinated dancing in a room of sweaty strangers!

Cheshire Cookery School is great; all friendly welcomes and fancy induction hobs and the chocolate course is being run by chocolatier Oliver Dunn.

Let me tell you a little about Oliver. He was taught by his father Simon Dunn and has worked in chocolate for years. He runs workshops, parties and children’s parties and his new venture is sending handsome men to do things with chocolate at hen parties in their pants! Seriously! He is also a joy to be with, and is obviously passionate about his craft which made for an entertaining night.

Oliver Dunn at Cheshire Cookery School

So on to the chocolate…

The three hour workshop starts with a masterclass in tempering. I did a chocolate class last year, and was told how to temper by bringing your chocolate up to a certain temperature, cooling it down to another specific temperature and heating it back up again. Funnily enough, my attempts at home hadn’t been too successful. However, Oliver’s method ditched the sugar thermometer and was foolproof. It was worth going for that little gem alone.

After that, the fun began. We all tempered our own chocolates and piped it into moulds. I am seriously artistically challenged but they still tasted good. We also made solid plaques and chocolate phones.

Oliver showed us the best way to make ganache and pipe into truffles. We made a massive batch each which we dipped into more chocolate and decorated with even more chocolate!

Truffles truffles everywhere!

Ganache centres for truffles- dozens of em!

By the end of the evening I felt more confident than ever that I could temper some chocolate without the aid of a grown up, and am planning some different truffle flavours to give away at Christmas.

If you’re a novice at dealing with chocolate, or just want a brilliant evening and a stash of delicious homemade goodies at the end of it, then this class is for you. More dates are planned in the new year so pop it in your Christmas list!

Thanks to Lisa at Cheshire Cookery School for the invite. I was under no obligation to write this review, but it is well deserved! Thanks also to Oliver for being a wicked teacher!

Cheshire Cookery School

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