A dream Christmas kitchen

A dream Christmas kitchen - Silver Mushroom / SHE-EATSTwas the month of December, and all through the house
I was planning my dream meal, for a festive dream-house.
I made a big list of lovely kitchenware
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

I’ll cook a big ham in a cast iron roaster
From oven to table, the Le Creuset is a boaster.
And with all the leftovers, it can stay in the tin
For a mac-cheese makeover when there’s nothing else in. A dream Christmas kitchen - Silver Mushroom / SHE-EATS

When I serve up the turkey, the table will matter,
So these candlesticks are shiny and light up the platter.
The forks in this canteen are shiny and flash
They’ll scoop up the veggies and smoosh though the mash.A dream Christmas kitchen - Silver Mushroom / SHE-EATSA dream Christmas kitchen - Silver Mushroom / SHE-EATS

The huge wooden serving board, complete with brass handle,
Is the perfect offset to the aforementioned candles.
Given the size of the portions I load,
It makes sense to serve sides in these cute gratin bowls.

Dry throats need liquid before the Queen’s speech begins,
So fizz is poured cold thanks to the marble wine cooler
And tea is made fresh with the whistling hob kettleA dream Christmas kitchen - Silver Mushroom / SHE-EATSA dream Christmas kitchen - Silver Mushroom / SHE-EATS

We’ll speak not a word, but have a big nap,
And when we came round, will feel like a snack.
The cheese will pile high on a wood and slate stand
And cut with brass knives with some crackers in hand.A dream Christmas kitchen - Silver Mushroom / SHE-EATS

We’ll slump on the sofa while the kettle does whistle,
And away our guests fly with a board game dismissal!
But I’ll shout out to them, as they leave in the night:

Hope you like my daft festive ditty! This was an unpaid partnership with Silver Mushroom – a little online kitchenware store in Lancashire. All my dream kitchen items are available there Santa 😉

Header pic: Pixabay

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