Meal Planning Monday – 16 June 2014

I started doing these posts at the start of the year, then trailed off when life got busy.

I can’t promise there will be one each week, but I am trying to get my bum into gear as they are great way to keep in touch!

Meal Planning Monday Linky

Had a bit of a health shock this week, so I am taking a good look at what we eat. Instead of buying processed cooked meats for sandwiches or salad at lunch, I’ve bought a whole piece of gammon which I can cook easily, and will last most of the week. Not only is it cheaper, I know what’s in it. I am also going easy on meat this week in evening meals but we’re getting the fish in us instead.

We’re also finally getting round to cooking from Ottolenghi’s Jerusalem this week. I got it over a year ago- oops!

So I’ve got six meals planned this week.  As always, I’ve no idea what order they’ll appear in!

  •  Chilli two ways – mine will be veg and beans, Andrew’s will be minced beef. I love bean chilli but alas I can’t turn Andrew onto beans or most pulses
  • Pepper and onion stew – a variation on a River Cottage recipe. I might have it with smoked haddock or a poached egg. The last time I made it I over did the paprika and couldn’t eat it. Gutted
  • Barley risotto with feta – a Jerusalem recipe which I am going to tackle. I’ve seen lots of barley risotto recipes but never made one yet
  • Pizza- home made. Not sure what to top with yet but I do have some mini mozzarella and a hankering for anchovies!
  • Salad – with jacket potatoes and homemade mackerel pate
  • Prawns, scallops and feta – Andrew’s attempt at Ottolenghi. It should have clams as well but there’s no time to make a trip to Bolton Market so we’ll have it without

Have a good week, whatever you’re doing!


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