Sunday Lunchtime Treat: Harvey Nichols Manchester

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This post should really come with a sub-heading: the greatest gosh darn pudding ever. But I can’t do subheadings so it hasn’t!

Today’s weather was grim from the start, but regardless we set of into Manchester to do some shopping and mooching. But once our carriers started to disintegrate in the rain (seriously, I am all for eco-bags but who thought that paper bags in Manchester were a good idea?) we decided to seek refuge in the food hall at Harvey Nichols and treat ourselves to lunch in the Brasserie.

My husband got the better of the two main courses. His curry risotto came with some dainty slithers of smoked haddock (good, but slightly overdone he said) and an egg coated in breadcrumbs. He said that the curry flavour was a really nice addition to risotto and one which we should try at home.

I went for falafel. The falafel itself was ok, nothing earth shattering but then maybe falafel never is. But it came in a good, chewy sourdough bun with fries which were really well seasoned and still in their skins which I like. The courgette ‘slaw was just courgette in mayo – it needed more crunch

We looked out of the window. It was still tipping down. There was only one thing for it: stay put and have pudding!

He went for a white chocolate and green tea parfait with an orange donut. For some reason, I wasn’t given any to try (*grumpy face*) but am assured that the parfait was delicious, not sickly like some white chocolate desserts and the green tea flavour was very subtle. It came with a small but perfectly formed orange flavoured donut and to be honest it wouldn’t have looked out of place on a fine dining menu.

I went for full on rainy-day comfort food. Sticky Toffee Sundae. A concept so simple I cursed myself for never thinking about it. Chunks of sticky toffee pud, ice creams (caramel and choc I think, but to be honest my taste buds were overwhelmed by the pudding), whipped cream, sticky toffee sauce and chopped walnuts. My god, such a genius idea! Sticky toffee pudding is all about cold wet days (check) yet sundaes are all about summer (in theory, check) so it is as if they made it for Manchester’s relentlessly wet summer Sunday’s.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love desserts, but this was too much. My other half had a large amount of it to help me along, but most of the cream was left on the plate by the time we both admitted defeat. Nowhere on the menu did it say that this was a sharing dessert, but I would definitely ask for two spoons next time.

This is also one which I will be trying at home next time we have friends round. Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding do jars of sauce as well as the pudding, and I know a few of the region’s ice cream makers are now doing a sticky toffee variety, so all I need now are some very greedy friends to come round for tea. Any takers?

Harvey Nichols Manchester

21 New Cathedral Street, Manchester. M1 1AD

0161 828 8888


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