Flavour Of The Month: Mr Vikki’s

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Who Are They

Mr Vikki’s make it spicy! From chutneys to pickles to curry pastes, they do it with love from an old pub in Cumbria. I say ‘they’ but the brains behind Mr Vikki’s is actually Adam Marks – a man with a serious chilli addiction!

What They Make

We eat a lot of Mr Vikki’s products in our house. We’re not mad chilli-heads but there are so many great versatile products in the range that it really isn’t difficult.

Chilli Jam

Two varieties are available – red and green. Currently enjoying the green almost daily on a bagel with feta cheese for lunch. Also great on roast lamb.

Harry’s Smoking Ranch Sauce

My other half has this on most things – burgers, sausages and on one memorable occasion even salad! A subtle after-kick but this is all about the smoke rather than the chilli.

Tomato & Nigella

This is great with a salad, in a sandwich, with chicken etc but I also discovered that it cooked well. I put a layer at the bottom of a Lancashire cheese tart which I regularly make (see recipe here) and when cooked it becomes really warm and subtle- like a warming tomato-y hug after a rotten day!

Curry Pastes

We’ve had a couple of the pastes. Goan is seriously spicy. 1 tsp is enough for me when I make a curry to feed four. Anything more and it is just hot rather than tasty.

South Indian was at the other extreme. I recently made a veggie curry to feed five and used a whole jar. But the taste was great – a nice few layers of flavour rather than one big hit.

Lime Pickle

This is the big boy of lime pickles. Not for the feint hearted. And be warned – it has a side effect similar to that of asparagus when you eat too much, if you know what I mean!

‘RSJ’ Red Sweet Jalapeno Sweet Chilli Sauce

I am not a fan of sweet chilli sauce in general – too many bad examples of it at cheap Chinese restaurants. But this one is different. The jalapeno gives it a proper kick. We’ve enjoyed it with spring rolls and curries and will be using it in stir-fry soon.

Where To Get It

Mr Vikki’s are well represented at markets and events across the region, but mainly of course in Cumbria / North Lancs – there is a comprehensive list on their website here. I’ve seen it stocked in places nearer to home including Kenyon Hall Farm Shop, Bents Garden Centre, and Harvey Nichols in Manchester.

You can also buy it at Tebay services when you are passing by and on their own website.

Oh, and they have awards coming out of their ears they do! This year, they have already won three NW Fine Food Awards and eight products have been awarded between 1 & 2 stars each at the 2011 Great Taste Awards.

So, that’s it. Mr Vikki’s you are my first ever Flavour of the Month. Awarded to you for your all round spicy marvelousness. Thank you!

Mr Vikki’s

www.mrvikkis.co.uk / 01768 899023

twitter: @MrVikkis


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