Lunch: The Inn At Redwell / Lune Valley Smokehouse

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I’ve been looking forward to this lunch for weeks, so on Friday when the heavens opened and washed away various bits of the north I worried that we wouldn’t make it. So imagine my relief when I opened the curtains on Saturday – the weather gods were smiling down!

I’ve heard a lot about the Inn at Redwell, most excitingly that they now have their own smokehouse on site from which they make produce to sell and to use on the pub menu. I met chef/owner Rob Talbot at Northern Restaurant & Bar back in March and he was so excited and passionate about the products that they were developing that I knew I had to make the trek.

Yesterday was a special set menu for lunch as they were having an event in conjunction with Marketing Lancashire- the tourist board for the area. So the Taste Lancashire Producers Lunch was a chance to showcase local produce on the menu.

Having seen the menu in advance, I knew it was going to be a meat feast and we weren’t disappointed. We’d even decided in advance what we were having!

homemade scotch egg

shrimp & smoked mussel risotto

shrimp & smoked mussel risotto

To start, I had a homemade scotch egg. It was served warm, the egg was still a bit runny and the sausage meat had (homemade) black pudding in it. Sooo good! I even dipped it in the accompanying brown sauce, which I normally hate, but which seemed to just work.

My other half had Morcambe Bay shrimp and smoked mussel risotto; a good healthy portion for a starter so I felt no shame in pinching trying some! Good creamy risotto, and I will definitely be making one with shrimps in it sometime soon. The little critters were delicious!

Lune Valley Lamb

Lune Valley Lamb

Next up for mains, I had lamb served with Laggis…that’s Lancashire haggis to you! The lamb was cooked sous-vide and the perfect sausage of Laggis was made in the smokehouse. Lamb came cooked medium and the slow warm water bath left it tender and juicy. The Laggis had a great texture and was peppery but not overly so.

Belly pork & black pudding

Belly pork & black pudding

Hubby had belly pork with black pudding. Somehow I didn’t get to try the pork, but I did have a nibble of his black pudding which was crispy and a bit like Scottish black pud. Sides were roast veg including a massive dish of roast beetroot which might now be my new favourite thing.

I was full as an egg come pudding, but soldiered on! Eaton mess made with local raspberries came in a coffee glass and t’other half had a board of Lancashire cheeses.

The pub is a big old stone building but they managed to keep the dining room lovely and light and we had candles on the table which I thought was a nice touch.

When we finished we dragged our full bellies to the Lune Valley Smokehouse shop around the back of the pub and stocked up on Laggis, smoked mackerel, potted shrimp and smoked salt. There was also a little farmers market so I got some tangy peach and ginger chutney from Fat-Jax and some Moroccan lamb sausages from the Kitridding Farm.

The Redwell is in an area which we wouldn’t normally travel to for lunch (just over an hour drive time) but now I’ve been there I will definitely make the effort to go back…and stock up on laggis at the same time!

The Inn at Redwell/ The Lune Valley Smokehouse

Kirkby Lonsdale Road, Arkholme, Carnforth, Lancashire. LA6 1BQ

015242 21240

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