Cake: An Explosion On The Woolies Pick n Mix Counter

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When the theme of ‘sweets for my sweet’ was announced for August’s Clandestine Cake Club in Bolton one thought immediately sprung to mind: pick n mix!

the pick n mix

the pick n mix

Woolies was the king of pick n mix so this cake was to be my homage to the fallen high street giant.

The thing with cake club is that there are always some really beautiful cakes there and my inability to decorate can leave me with serious cake envy. So I decided this month to go the other way and make my cake as gaudy as possible!

As a base, I used a cake I’ve never made before (always such a good idea!) – Lorraine Pascal’s ‘I can’t believe you made that’ cake for which you can find the recipe here. I decided to make it in a loaf tin rather than round so cooked it lower and slower than in the method. It was cut in half and levelled off at the top by my husband who has a much steadier hand than me.

Into the chocolate butter cream (which was delicious) I added three packets of popping candy. Love it! Chocolaty, poppy madness! The two halves were sandwiched with the icing then the whole cake covered with it to glue the pick n mix in place.

icing, curly wurlys and smarties

icing, curly wurlys and smarties

Initially I was going to cover the outside with chocolate matchsticks – but worked out that was going to cost me around a tenner. So I found a solution which was even better- Curly Wurlys! I haven’t had a Curly Wurly for years and let me tell you, they aren’t as big as they used to be. It took eleven of the critters to go round the cake, cut in half and glued on with the popping icing.

Then the magic- layers of pick n mix. I did a base layer of smarties, followed by white ‘jazzies’, chocolate mice, foam teeth, flying saucers and foam bananas. What a beauty!

pick n mix cake

the finished article

I have to say I am really pleased with this cake and a it got a lot of comments at cake club which is very humbling when there are such beauties on the table.

It would make a great birthday cake for a kid, although the sugar and e-numbers would be a nightmare to deal with!

My cakie confidence grew slightly today- as did my waist line!


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