Brewing Up A Treat

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My husband hates rhubarb, which means that no matter how many rhubarb-tini’s I drink or crumble I eat, I still have some going strong in the garden.

In addition, my dad recently gave me a bag of damsons, so my cocktail loving brain came to one conclusion- infusions.

This year’s favourite cocktail in my kitchen has been a rhubarb-tini so I decided that I could skip the step where I make a syrup if I make an infused vodka.You can find the recipe here– it is actually a rhubarb cosmo but I think rhubarb-tini sounds so much better. I Googled around and found the same recipe on both and the BBC Food website. It’s going a lovely shade of pink in my utility room and will be ready just in time for Christmas cocktail time.

I also discovered this year that I like gin (I know, what was I thinking for the past 33 years?) so the Damsons have gone into a pot with a litre of Gordons- again it will be ready for the festive season.

I’ve never made my own infusions before, so I can’t wait for the results. On top of that, my great friend Sally gave me a book on home brews for beers, wines and spirits. So if these are a success I will be delving in and making some drinks from scratch. Not sure I will be trying the garlic vodka though – I can’t think of a single reason anyone would want to drink that!

Rhubarb Vodka

1l vodka

2 large sticks rhubarb

Zest ½ lemon

3 cloves

1 stick cinnamon

Mash up the rhubarb in a sterilised jar and macerate in the sugar for a couple of days. Add all of the other ingredients , seal the jar, and turn when ever you walk past it. Strain after about 3 months and use in your favourite cocktails. I will also be using the steeped fruit in a boozy crumble.

Damson Gin

1 bottle gin (75cl or 1l)

500g sugar

500g damsons

I am also adding orange zest and cinnamon – will let you know how it turns out.

Two options with the damsons- either prick each one all over or freeze them and the skins will spit and save you the bother.

As with the vodka, macerate the damsons in a sterilised jar/bottle for a few days – the sugar will go super pink. Add the gin (and orange/cinnamon if using) put next to the washing machine and shake it everytime you put the washing on.

Again, I am already planning on using the damsons in place of cocktail cherries maybe or in a pie!

Roll on Christmas when I can try my creations.



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