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After a few weeks of planning, several health and safety forms and a last minute hunt for a gazebo in case of rain, the day for my charity cake sale finally came.

As I have blogged previously, I was doing it to raise money for Metro Sound Radio โ€“ the hospital radio station at Leigh Infirmary for which I volunteer.

The day before I spent about ten hours in the kitchen baking. From brownies to chocolate cake, gingerbread to cherry crumble, my poor oven didnโ€™t know what had hit it!

My prep should have been longer but some wonderful friends and family helped out, so excuse my indulgence whilst I name and shame them! My best friend Sally made one of her gorgeous zingy lemon drizzles which was so good that someone bought the whole thing! In spite of a sick daughter, my friend Sue made three dozen of the cutest piglet buns you have ever seen. My almost sister in law Anne makes the best Victoria Sponge ever and kindly whipped one up with fresh strawberries and cream and light as a feather sponge (unlike my own brick). And finally Aunty Pauline. My Aunty offered me a cake and sent it over with my Dad (she lives about an hour away). However, what I received was actually five cakes plus a dozen muffins! Thank you all โ€“ you are absolute stars.

So back to the event- a 1940โ€™s themed open day at Pennington Hall Park- the lovely park across the road from our house. Hubby and I turned up early and bagged a good spot with our gazebo between band stand and cafรฉ- so everyone would be passing us. We went back with the cakes half an hour before the event was officially starting and to my utter surprise, a crowd appeared before we could unwrap all of the goodies.

Luckily I had my husband and mum helping out so we soon got into a rhythm of doing things. People were really interested to hear about the radio station and couldnโ€™t believe the amount of goodies we had on offer.

I go to the open day every year, and this year seemed to be the busiest by far. Iโ€™d done some PR myself and managed to get a couple of really good half page articles in local papers (with hilarious photos of me and cake) the week prior which I am sure helped. Family and friends came along too and even those who had baked for me bought more cake.

By 4pm we had sold our final slice. I had been worried about how to price things, but I neednโ€™t have been. Generous portions + accessible prices = happy customers. And happy radio station too. I raised ยฃ160 which is much more than I had hoped.

If they will have me back, I will definitely do it again next year- so hopefully Iโ€™ll see you all there. In fact, I think there is scope for a little cafรฉ in the park full time. Mmm, I sense a plan coming onโ€ฆ.


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