2019 festive cookie swap launch

Christmas themed cookies

I’ve seen enough Hallmark Christmas films (thanks to channel 5 in 2017) to know that cookie swaps are the sweetest way to celebrate the festive spirit. I also know from Pinterest that cookie swap parties are forever popular in America and look like the most calorific fun! So, what with the world going to hell in a handcart at the moment, I’ve decided that I want in. I want to spread a little light and happiness through baked goods. I’m asking you today to join me and #bakelove for the festive season.

The idea is simple: sign up now, bake early December and be assigned a stranger to give your baked goods to. Receive baked goods. Emit a warm glow as you a) eat something delicious and b) realise that there are some jolly good people in the world. Pretty simple eh?

Sign up
Plate of cookies

Ok so of course this cookie swap will have to happen by post – I’ve not got it in me to organise a giant baking party (more’s the pity). But that would still be fun, right? Over in America, Food52 have been organising something like this for a few years so it can be done. I am suggesting that we keep this open to people in the British Isles in order to keep postage logistics as simple as possible. Start small and let’s see how it goes.

Sign up

I don’t know why, but I’m really excited by the idea of meeting new people through their food. Am I being sentimental and crazy? Or greedy and nosey?!

Key dates

  • 15 September: sign up is open
  • 21 November: sign up closes. Don’t be late to the party!
  • 22-24 November: all bakers will receive details of who they will be sending bakes to
  • 2-15 December: send your bakes out at any time during this period
  • Dig in and enjoy!
  • What do I need to know?

    • Cookies of course, but include what you like. Make a good Christmas cake? Bake a miniature! Mincemeat? Jar it up!
    • It’s not a beauty contest. Don’t worry about making pretty bakes if decoration isn’t your thing. We’re looking for tasty treats
    • Let’s celebrate love and goodness in all forms – keep it non-religious please
    • There is no set amount to send, but think about what you would like to receive
    Sign up

    Ready to get involved? Sign up and start planning your bakes. Let’s #BakeLove this winter 💛💛💛

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