When Slow Cooking Goes Bad…

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I love my slow cooker and it is a rare event that anything really bad happens. But when it does….

I put a veg and bean chilli in there to cook over night on Thursday. Big mistake. When I got up on Friday it had gone mushy- even though it was all cut chunky, nine hours was just too long.

It tasted fine, but looked a right pigs ear, so someone at work suggested, very sensibly, to whizz it up and serve as soup. Great idea! Except for the kidney beans. I got the hand blender out and as it pureed it went browner and grainier! I added an extra tin of tomatoes, some hot water to thin it out and some extra cumin and seasoning.

When slow cooking goes bad

See, I told you it looked bad…

It was really, really tasty and without a doubt the healthiest thing I will eat all week. But it looked vile. I mean really. It looked like a bowl of puke!

So why am I telling you this? Well I love blogging and I love to look at all of the gorgeous food blogs, Instargram and Pinterest accounts which are full of immaculate food photography. I long to be able to style and photograph like that. But in real life, we all have crap days in the kitchen and I think there is no shame in sharing that!

So embrace your culinary disasters. Try and rescue them if you can, but if not, hey, no one’s perfect. Have a takeaway and a glass of wine, and laugh about it.

Happy weekend xx

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