Review – Hotel Chocolat Christmas Collection

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Hotel Chocolate sent us a box of their Classic Christmas Collection to review back in October. However, because of a holiday and the need to squeeze into a dress for a wedding, it was only last week that we finally cracked them open!

This is a handsome box of chocolates both inside and out. The red box looked classy, but the chocolates inside were equally well presented.

There were 16 varieties in the box, so it took us several nights to get through them all. To lessen the calorie load, and share the enjoyment, my husband and I shared the box – but we were just too mean to share with anyone else!

The boozy chocs were winners. I thought that the champagne truffle had a good crisp shell and a generous hit of bubbly. Hubby was astounded how much rum was in the rum truffle. In fact he likened it to one of those liqueur chocolates you see at Christmas rather than a truffle. For me though, there was too much rum- it caught in my throat and made my eyes water.

I like salt chocolate so the salted soft caramel, a dark chocolate with a gooey middle, and the sea salt caramel bauble were winners. The bauble was interesting as it was a very creamy milk chocolate – not something I normally associate with salt caramel but it worked really well.

I love marzipan so I got to have both of the zesty marzipan stars in the box. The marzipan was almost liquid in texture which I really liked and it really did have a zesty kick when you bit through the crisp dark shell.

The simple milk truffle had a lovely creamy centre like caramel and reminded me that you don’t always need fancy flavours to produce a good chocolate.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

I often get stocking fillers from Hotel Chocolat- the selector packs of individual flavours. So I will be checking to see if some of my faves from this box are available in these packs. I might even treat myself my husband to another one of these boxes and hope that he will share it with me too!


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