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cocoa boutique chocs

the chocs in all their glory!

Cocoa Boutique is my kind of boutique. No worrying about disinterested shop assistants, whether they have something in my size or if my bum looks big. Nope, it’s all about the chocolate at Cocoa Boutique-and it’s all online- so when they ask me to try a sample of their wares I was only too happy to oblige.

The box sat looking at me for a week (there was cake in the house which needed to be consumed before we could start on them), and so it came to be that one dog-tired Friday night we found ourselves tucked up in bed early and tucking in to our taster box.

Please don’t think I’m some kind of slob who eats in bed- this was a one off. Naughty, but given the decadence, appropriate! The chocolates arrived a week earlier in a very sleek post box friendly box. The white box with bold black logo screamed premium product to me so it was a good start before we had even got the lid off.

Let me start with my favourite; the cocoa dusted dark chocolate salted caramel. Seconds after biting into it, I had caramel dripping down my chin. This, by the way, is no bad thing! It was a tiny bomb of salted caramel loveliness. I had a second. I would have had the third but risked the wrath of my husband! Whereas the other chocs come in pairs there were three of these little beauties. If there is one chocolate I would happily gorge on, it is a salted caramel!

Something which impressed me about the chocolates in this box was the quality of the milk chocolate and the white chocolate. The milk chocolate was creamy but not sweet and the milk chocolate buttons lived up to the tasting notes with a caramel note.  Another stand out in the milk chocs was raspberry with a hint of strawberry and a simple but perfectly executed milk chocolate truffle.

I’m not a white chocolate fan, but these weren’t at all sickly.  The obligatory pink champagne truffle was in there, but the white choc was peppered with pieces of raspberry which I much prefer to the usual freeze-dried strawberry. Hubby is a white choc fan and enjoyed the truffle, the strawberry cream and the white buttons.

The Pamela - pretty choc, terrible name!

The Pamela – pretty choc, terrible name!

There were a few boozy treats in there. ‘Pamela’ (I know, what were they thinking) was a pretty choc with a colourful top and a pear cassis ganache. I love pear flavoured things and this was subtle but effective. The others – a rum cafe cream, brandy truffle and Irish cream would have all benefited from a drop more booze as the flavour didn’t come through.

Cocoa Boutique is a new company, based in Nottingham. They run a membership scheme so you can receive a box of their chocolates monthly, 3-monthly or 6-monthly. You’re not, as far as I can tell, tied in to a contract. They are engaging different chocolatiers to come up with new flavours for each box, and I have to say the quality is outstanding.

If anyone I know would like to treat me to a box of these every couple of months I would be more than happy to accept them!

 Win Win Win!

Cocoa Boutique are offering you (yes you, sat there salivating at the thought of these lovely chocs) the chance to get your mitts on a box to try for yourself.

They are giving away 25 boxes each month (alas you can only win one at a time though). To be in with a chance check out the page on their website here. Good luck you lucky beggers.

If you can’t wait to find out if you’re a winner, you can buy a taster box with 70% off until Friday – just use the code  SOCIALOFFER at the checkout.




Thanks to Cocoa Boutique for inviting me to review their product. I hope that you – and they – find this review useful.

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