Photo Diary: Samsung S7 Food Photography

Samsung S7 Food PhotographyMy main motivation for saving up to buy a new phone came last year when my hubby got a Samsung Galaxy S6. The camera on it took pictures way better than my iPhone 5C. So yes, Instagraming my tea was my main reason for buying the new Samsung Galaxy S7 a couple of weeks ago!

Samsung S7 Food Photography

Blood orange in food mode

As soon as I clicked into the camera, I noticed that it has a food setting. This excites me very much! The food setting is a kind of built in Instagram filter. You can focus on a given spot if you want, and the colours are pumped up to make the shots well and truly click worthy.

Look at the difference. It is subtle but I think it is really great.

Samsung S7 Food Photography

Carrot, ginger and blood orange juice
Left: auto mode | Right: food mode

Samsung S7 Food Photography

Crunchy salad
Left: auto mode | Right food mode with central focus

Samsung S7 Food Photography

Left: auto mode | Right: food mode. Ketchup never looked so bright!

Samsung S7 Food Photography

Broth at Yo! Sushi
Left: auto mode | Right: food mode
Sat under a purple light hence the weird tinge!

Samsung S7 Food Photography

Left: auto mode | Right: food mode

Samsung S7 Food Photography

Juicing blood oranges
Left: auto mode | RIght: food mode

There’s also a selective focus where you can have three versions of an image. And the slo-mo video is great fun!

Samsung S7 Food Photography

Selective focus
Left: front focus| Middle: back focus | Right: full focus

I am still getting to grips with my DSLR and it is great for taking pics in the kitchen and away on hols, but I don’t intend on whipping it out in restaurants so the Samsung S7 is perfect when I want to capture a dish because it works so much better in low light than my iphone.

There is an option to add a memory card when the 32gb is full of cats and cakes and I can easily back up my pics to my google photos if I want to.

It’s a great phone for anyone who wants to take great photos on a whim without luging a camera around and I think I will be Instagramming my cakes and cats with my Samsung S7 for a few years to come.


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