Meal Planning Monday LinkyLast week I managed to stay pretty much on plan – the lasagne was pasta bolagnise in the end, and I forgot to put the spuds in the slow cooker but all meals were eaten as planned. I even blogged the satay recipe if you’re interested.

I bet you want to know about that black pudding pasta eh? Well, I won’t lie, it was a wee bit stodgy even for my meat loving tastes but it was ok!

This week I’ve decided that our main meals Monday – Friday will be veggie. Health wise, not a bad idea as we’ve been meat-heavy for a couple of weeks now. Financially it cost me about £17-20 more than an average weekly shop so I am not happy. But that’s a rant for another day.

Sunday (I plan, shop and write on a Sunday so for the purpose of meal planning the week starts Sunday!) we are having lamb so there will be lamb lunch for one of us on Monday, but I’ve planned mainly veggie lunches as well with some mackerel pate being made later in the week and mushroom pate in the fridge.

There’s a lot of baking on the horizon for me this week so I am not sure how much tea I will need. On Monday and Wednesday I am judging at the Wigan School’s Bake Off which is part of the Wigan Food and Drink Festival. Perk of the job! Seriously I am really looking forward to seeing what high school kids can create these days as I think I was one of the last years who got ‘home ec’ on a weekly basis.

As is becoming the norm, I have only planned six days as we will see what Saturday brings. Drumroll please….

Work, bake off judging, uni…is it nearly the weekend yet?!

This post is part of the ‘meal planning Monday’ linky brought to us by At Home With Mrs M.

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