We did pretty well last week – only one meal was missed due to a mid week blow out at Red Chilli on Oxford Road in Manchester.

Also worthy of a mention is ProperTea in Manchester. We went today for a cuppa (coffee and hot chocolate) and shared a slice of pistachio cake. Talk about delicious! The drinks were good too. This is exactly the cafe I want to own!

Am starting uni this week – woo hoo! Am both excited and terrified. I am worried that my already sporadic blogging will wither once the work builds up (am doing it once a week, but alongside my day job) but trying not to think too much about that just yet.

Meal Planning Monday LinkyThis week is another mix of tasty comfort food. I am cooking as if it is mid-winter but as yet no snow!

This week’s meals cover Monday –Friday:

So yeah, that black pudding thing, interesting eh? I’ll let you know how it goes, but if you have any better ideas I would love to hear them before it’s too late! This one is in my hubby’s hands- nowt to do with me!

This post is part of the ‘meal planning Monday’ linky brought to us by At Home With Mrs M.

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