Meal Planning Monday – w/c 27 January

We did pretty well last week – only one meal was missed due to a mid week blow out at Red Chilli on Oxford Road in Manchester.

Also worthy of a mention is ProperTea in Manchester. We went today for a cuppa (coffee and hot chocolate) and shared a slice of pistachio cake. Talk about delicious! The drinks were good too. This is exactly the cafe I want to own!

Am starting uni this week – woo hoo! Am both excited and terrified. I am worried that my already sporadic blogging will wither once the work builds up (am doing it once a week, but alongside my day job) but trying not to think too much about that just yet.

Meal Planning Monday LinkyThis week is another mix of tasty comfort food. I am cooking as if it is mid-winter but as yet no snow!

This week’s meals cover Monday –Friday:

  • Poached chicken with smooth satay sauce – creating a satay recipe for a product review so watch this space!
  • Lasagne – not veggie but am going heavy on the veg with less mince so it isn’t too red-meaty
  • Seafood gratin and jacket spuds- am going to do the jackets in my slow cooker. This excites me greatly!
  • Pasta with a veg and black pudding sauce! Yes it sounds bizarre, that is because my husband is convinced he can use the black pudding which is loitering in the freezer and make it work in a pasta dish.
  • Friday I will be having something from the freezer or the takeaway as my other half is at a beer festival.
  • Saturday isn’t planned. Keeping an open mind!

So yeah, that black pudding thing, interesting eh? I’ll let you know how it goes, but if you have any better ideas I would love to hear them before it’s too late! This one is in my hubby’s hands- nowt to do with me!

This post is part of the ‘meal planning Monday’ linky brought to us by At Home With Mrs M.

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