Meal Planning Monday // GoodEggFoodieFeel like a bit of a fraud writing down my meal plan this week as I am out Monday, Friday and Saturday nights so that only leaves three nights of meals to plan as we do our shopping/ planning on Sundays.

Oh well, three days planning must mean that I have three lovely things planned on the other days – which I do!

So this week’s meal plan is:

Urm, hang on, I just realised that is only two dishes for next week. We are going for sushi on Thursday as well. Ok I am officially embarrassed by the state of my meal planning! It is unusual to be out so much in one week, but I have a blogger event, a girls night at Sakhana in Manchester (51% off food in January and the food is great so I do recommend) and a family night out so actually we are going out together as well because we won’t see that much of each other otherwise ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

However, I am perplexed as to how I spent so much at the supermarkets if this is all I am cooking this week!

I’ve also got my cake club meeting on Saturday which will be great. I set the theme as ‘new year, new cake’ so I need to have a good think about what to make. Preferably something in my new tin I got at Christmas or in my bargain Nordicware Bundt from TK Maxx last week.  It is a really quirky venue in Wigan (which I can’t divulge because, you know, clandestine!) so if you want to come along you can sign up here.

Whatever you are up to this week, I hope that you have fun in and out of the kitchen.



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