Meal Planning Monday w/c 6 February 2017

Meal Planning Monday // GoodEggFoodie

I got back from a week in Las Vegas yesterday, where the food was ok and I didn’t over indulge as I feared I would. Miles of walking ensured that the big breakfast we enjoyed was burned off by teatime! Today, after a huge sleep, I seem to have the reverse of jeg lag. I’m properly perky and have spent the day washing, shopping and batch cooking like a mutha!

So I’ve more on the list this week than there are meals. I’ve decided to have a few things in the freezer for those days when I fancy good tasty meals but can’t be bothered with marinating times when we get home from work. So as well as meals for this week there are a few for the next couple of weeks as well. 

Once again I am making loads from Rick Stein’s Far Eastern Odyssey. The fresh and perky flavours seem to hit the spot on dark winter nights. Or maybe it’s my subconscious telling me where to go format holiday! Either way I can’t get enough.

  • Cambodian beef  with lime and pepper dipping sauce and rice (RS)
  • Tamarind chicken (RS) – 3 x portions made
  • Satay chicken (RS) – 3 x portions made
  • Gingered chickpeas – loads of portions currently in the slow cooker. Will be good as a meat free main and also a side dish
  • Slow cooked pork with ginger and chilli  (RS). Not a slow cooker recipe but am going to stick it in mine and hope for the best. Will do 2-3 portions.
  • Roasted butternut, corn and tomato soup
  • Pepper stew

I’m also I’m the middle of making a batch of flatbread with the last of my za’atar thrown in. These will be good with soup and stew as well as lunches.

Am making the most of this because I assume that my enthusiasm will wane when I go back to work – and reality – tomorrow. I’d like to make some flapjacks too but I think they’ll be a Tuesday night job.

I hope that you’ve got delicious plans for the week as well. What are you cooking?

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