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I like to think I’m pretty good at minimising kitchen waste but recently I noticed that we use quite a lot clingfilm. It goes over bowls of leftovers, wraps cakes in the freezer, and a myriad other things. The problem of course it that it goes into the general waste bin so isn’t being recycled.

So the last roll hasn’t been replaced for a few weeks now, and I’m making more of an effort to use boxes to store  leftovers. I’ve been looking around to see what’s out there and there’s loads of environmentally friendlier options.

Pyrex have a range of glassware which comes with lids so you can use as lunchboxes or cook in them, freeze and then reheat. I’ve picked up a few in Morrison’s lately on offer.

Always on the move? You need Cook & Go 🍴

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I was pleasantly surprised when Tupperware followed me on Twitter recently. I’d not idea this brand was still going- I remember Mum being a Tupperware lady and having a party! These tiny tubs are perfect for jar ends and dressings. Yes it’s plastic, but it’s BPA free (bisphenol A is a chemical used in some plastic products which was shown to be seeping into foods), so it is a healthier choice of material.

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Joseph Joseph dial storage (again, BPA free) let’s you put the date on the lid so you know when you made it.

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I have Kilner jars bit always forgot to use them for leftovers. Why? Because I’m an eejit and they’re not in the ‘Tupperware cupboard’. So I’m going to move them pronto!

Keep an eye out for our newly launched Healthy Eating Guide! Keep that health kick going and pick one up from selected retail stores. #healthy

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I saw these on Food52 initially. GIR make storage lids of various shapes and sizes which can be used to cover food in the fridge, the microwave and would look great on the table. They ship to the UK but I am hoping to find them stocked over here soon too.

Saving the rest for later! Our beautiful GIR lids turn any bowl into storage so you don’t lose that #freshness! 👌 #CookHappy

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These small changes don’t need to cost a lot. As I said the Pyrex was on offer, and TK Maxx in Wigan has loads of glass storage tubs in all shapes and sizes. I got two sandwich sized Lock and Lock ones and they were little more than a roll of cling film each.  In the long run they will save me a lot.

The only thing I am struggling with is how to freeze fresh bread and cake. When I bake, and it needs freezing, I wrap in baking paper and clingfilm so that moisture can’t get in. I have no idea what I could do instead so all suggestions are welcome.

SHE LOVES: doing my bit to reduce landfill. 

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