Eating Local: Sun Dish, Tyldesley

Sun Dish, TyldesleyIn my previous post, I talked about a new Japanese restaurant within walking distance of my house. When I told someone at work about this he informed me of another new addition nearby: a Caribbean restaurant in Tyldesley.

Now at the risk of offending anyone in Tyldesley, it’s not somewhere I ever thought I’d be going for tea (unless it was to my sister’s house, but that never happens!) but with an empty fridge on Sunday we decided to round off a rather lovely weekend with a trip to the Sun Dish.

This place opened in July this year, yet decor wise it was like stepping back into the 80’s! I think they had the same decorator as Koi from my last post but instead of bright orange the walls were lime green and the lights blue!

But that’s not important, it’s the food we came for.

We decided on a beef pattie and salt fish fritters to start. The pattie had a great taste- tingly warmth rather than hot spice. Unfortunately the pastry was soggy, I think it might have been reheated in a microwave.

Salt fish is a new one on me, but mixed into the dough of these little chewy fritters it was delicious. I wasn’t keen on the sweet chilli dip but that’s just a personal thing – hubby seemed to think it worked.

Of course we had to order the jerk chicken. A few years back at Glastonbury we ate a fair bit of this- a friend found a great stand and he had it every day! The chicken (cold) had a dry rub and tasted like it had been BBQ’s – there was a great mix of spice and smoke in there. The jerk sauce which came with it was actually a bit too spicy for me, but hubby liked it and it was his dinner!

Not all Caribbean food is hot and I chose the juicy pork, which certainly lived up to its name. Really succulent pork in a gravy sauce with a hint of warmth from ginger.  It wasn’t bad, it just didn’t stand out. I had a side of sweet potato fries the lady serving us told me they were McCains! Not sure you’re supposed to tell the punters that!

Overall, Sun Dish has it‘s plusses and minuses. Some of the food is great, none of it is bad. The decor is awful but the Jamaican music blaring out is great. And the beer is old school red stripe in a can. We had two starters, mains and sides, with a couple of soft drinks, a smoothie and a beer all for £35. They also do takeaway.

The Sun Dish

126 Elliott Street, Tyldesley,  M29 8FJ

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