Steak & Lobster, Manchester

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I love lobster. The love affair started on our honeymoon in Sydney and now I can pick one of those critters clean of its juicy meat in no time!

So Steak and Lobster, in Manchester’s Raddison Hotel, has been on my radar for some time. The concept is simple- you can either have a 10 oz ribeye steak or a full lobster- grilled or steamed. Both come with a garlicy butter and unlimited salad and fries and both cost £17.

It was heaving when we got there on a Wednesday tea time, with what looked like a hundred people straight out of the hotel’s conference rooms, but that gave it a nice buzz which you don’t always get in hotel restaurants. The place itself is low lit (as the one usable photo shows) but cosy.

Steak and Lobster Manchester

We were seated in a booth which I loved because I got the booth-side seat. But Andrew was opposite me on a chair which looked good but was too low for the table. I’m a short-ass and he’s nearly 6ft but suddenly I looked like a parent sat with my small son! Plus, it spun. Who needs a spinning chair to eat?!

I was always going to be going for the lobster and Andrew the steak, but he had an eleventh hour change of heart and went for the lobster too. I was a bit disappointed because I think we should have tried both, but then again there is some great steak to be had in Manchester (Restaurant Bar & Grill being a fave) so maybe it was for the best.

They weren’t the biggest lobsters I’ve ever seen, and could have done with maybe a minute or two less under the grill, but even so they were delicious. It came in two halves on the plate so the big chunks of body meat were easy to get to. A bit more of the garlic butter wouldn’t have gone amiss to mop the meat up with but it was equally delicious with a squeeze of lemon. I’m for getting the meat from the thin legs too, so while I performed surgery on the legs, hubby went for extra helpings of fries and  salad. When I decided on a second severing of sides, they did take some time to come, but with such a full restaurant it was understandable and not the end of the world.

Incidentally that side salad was really good. Simple leaves and onion were taken to the next level with a grating of parmesan and sprinkle of seeds. I need more seeds in my life.

Other sides were available such as onion rings, olives etc but to be honest we decided to just stick to the mains and were more than happy with the food.

I was already to say I would definitely go back, but then I got an email. Steak and lobster wars have broken out in Manchester!!  The afore mentioned Restaurant Bar and Grill are offering a steak and lobster meal for two where you get to share a 12 oz, 28 day aged rump steak and 1 ½ lb of Isle of Man lobsters – both cooked on their Inka grill. At £22.50 pp it is slightly more than we payed at S&L, but I know that the steak is always top notch at RBG so am more than happy to pay more and get to eat a very greedy surf and turf. If I go I will definitely feed  back!

In the meantime, if you’re a lobster lover like me, get down to Steak and Lobster, skip the sides and go for more of that unlimited salad and fries to make it not bad value for a mid-week treat.

Steak & Lobster. Peter Street, Manchester. M2 5GP


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