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Given that I visit about once a month, it has been amiss of me to take so long to write about Eastern Revive in Lowton. So rather than a review of one visit, this is a general overview of the best restaurant near me.

This old pub on St Helen’s Road was turned into an Indian Restaurant about three years ago. At the time, we thought that the food there was great – the best Indian restaurant we had ever eaten in. But it closed suddenly and was taken over by Eastern Revive- and the tasty stakes were raised ever higher.

First, a word to the wise. The portions here are massive. Don’t go in thinking you will have papadums, a starter and a main course unless you want to come out looking like Giant Haystacks. To put it in to perspective, we happily have a starter each and share a main course. On the odd occasion we have two mains, they are always happy to bag up the half I leave for lunch the next day,

We normally skip the papadums, but if you do fancy them then they have a special ‘green dip’ which comes alongside the usually four. It’s a cooling dip of green chilli, mango, cucumber and coriander (I think) and is by far and away my favourite. However, I think it has something of the marmite about it as I know a few people who really aren’t keen.

Anyway, on to the starters. There is one shining star on this menu and that is the King Prawn Puri. These aren’t king prawns, they are King Kong prawns! I have seriously never seen any as big, and they are served in a gently spiced tomato sauced wrapped in a warm chewy puri. If you did have papadums, then the magic green dip goes quite well with this dish too so ask them to leave it on the table.

I am usually quite full after the puri, so we chose a main dish to share. My current favourite as I am having something of a dal obsession is Dal Gosht Karahi- lentils and meltingly tender lamb in a medium spicy sauce. Honestly, I feel like this dish is a big hug on a plate and has never failed to lift my mood.

Tandoori Chicken Spinach is a mild dish but really tasty. They don’t skimp on the spinach and somehow manage to cook chicken breast so that it is still moist inside.

One thing which gets a negative is the pilau rice. For some reason they served that horrid stuff with the neon coloured strands which doesn’t looked appealing. So we steer clear and go for the onion rice instead. I can also recommend the peshwari nan which isn’t sickly sweet but seems to compliment the spicier dishes well.

Cobra is on tap which is always a bonus and there is a bus stop outside if you have too many.

It is a few pounds more than your average high street post pub curry house, but for that you really do get top quality nosh. And it is still cheaper for us then getting in the car or on the train to Manchester.

They also do takeaway at a jolly good discount on the eat-in price, but they don’t deliver so you would need to live close by to take advantage. And if you live in Cheshire the sister restaurant, and original Eastern Revive, is in Wilmslow.

Finally, a word about the staff. A nicer bunch of blokes you will never meet. Super friendly they will go out of their way to make your meal special. Ask for their recommendations if you’re not sure what to have and they will tailor it to you. We once went on a friends birthday and when they realised that we were celebrating they brought us a massive chocolate fudge cake to share with the birthday girl.

If you enjoy Indian food, and live within a reasonable distance of Lowton (half way between Manchester and Liverpool) then I would say that it is worth the trip one night to Eastern Revive.

Eastern Revive. 106 Newton Road, Lowton. WA3 1DG

01942 601 111



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